Rochelle Grayson
A Digital Strategist Focused on Monetization & Social Experiences


Rochelle GraysonHi! I’m Rochelle Grayson and I focus on delivering rockin’ digital and social experiences that make lots of money - for content owners, creators and contributors, AND that are fun and enjoyable for consumers! And, believe me, that’s no easy feat!

I also take care of many things in finance and business – building business relationships, making deals, analyzing the market, exploring new digital revenue models, speaking at conferences, advising … that kind of stuff. I like to make sure my projects are lean, mean, moneymaking machines! All this can be summed up by one infamous statement: Show me the money!

I've spent the past 25 years evaluating the strategic, financial, and marketing potential of numerous digital projects and initiatives, and have led and launched several projects with both small and large companies including MTV, Mattel, Warner Brothers, Lush, Telus, HSBC, Recon Instruments, Coal Harbour Brewing, Pink Triangle Press, and many more.

If you're interested in:

  • Digital Strategic Planning & Project Evaluation
  • Digital Readiness Assessments / Audits for Your Organization
  • Digital Revenue Generation & Monetization Models
  • Digital ROI Models & Calculations
  • Digital Leadership & Performance Frameworks

Let's work together to make YOUR digital and social initiatives financially successful!